FIM700A Detection Adapter, SC/APC Female




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FIM700A Detection Adapter, SC/APC Female

General Description:

This product is especially for FIM700A series Fiber Microscope. It is used for detecting SC/APC female port. With this adapter, users can easily detect the end face of a SC/APC female connector.

Fibercasa offers 4 different categories detection adapter which is added up to 27 types adapters for various connector detection:

  • PC Polishing mode connectors

To test 1.25 and 2.5mm ferrule or bulk-head mounted connectors as SC、FC、ST、E2000、LC、MU etc PC end face.

  • APC Polishing mode connectors

To test 1.25 and 2.5mm ferrule or bulk-head mounted APC connectors, as type of 1.25/APC-M、2.5/APC-M、FC/APC-F、SC-APC-F、LC/APC-F、E2000/APC-F etc APC end face.

  • Angle shape connectors

To test male or female end face in specific hard-to-access places, as example of female adapters at the bottom of patch cord. The tips combines 60°base tip to offer angle way for testing and additional function tips. Related model as SC/PC-F60、FC/PC-F60、LC/APC-F60、E2000/APC-F60、SC/APC-F60、FC/APC-F60、LC/APC-F60、E2000/APC-F60.


  • Multiple cores connector

To test female end face of multiple cores as type of MPO/PC-F、MPO/APC-F、MTP/PC-F、MTP/APC-F and MTRJ-F.


  • High density metal body, firm and durable. 
  • Precise coupling of SC/APC female connector.
  • USB feature to connect APC and data software analyze.
  • Only for FIM700A Probe
  • Add up to 27 types of detection adapter for various connector.
  • Both female and male type are available.










FIM700A Detection Adapter



Suitable Type 

SC/APC Female


High density stainless steel 



Used with 

FIM700A Probe(FIM700A-V / FIM700A-P / FIM700A-H)

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